College transfer in thane instead of sion


We were requesting you for transfer at thane instead of sion since July 2018 but still we didn’t get any response from you.
We also told our branch coordinator
Mrs. Sapna Doshi about it and she said that she had sent the mail regarding it.
As 12th boards are coming closer and closer we are very much concerned about it.
We were promised to transfer it as soon as possible but in the month of September we still can’t get it transferred.
So now it’s a major concern for us.
That is why we are again requesting you and making you aware about how important is this transfer for us.
We expect the satisfying answer from you regarding it.
We request you please transfer it as soon as possible.
Thank you.


Dear Student,

Kindly mention the mail send to which ID? We cant transfer from here you to get it done by coordinating with your branch only.

Rao Academy


We alreaddy contacted with our branch coordinator Mrs. Sapna Doshi mam but she said that she can’t do anything from here so we have to meet head office in Chandivli. My father is a heart patient and my mother does job so it’s so hard for us to come over there and talk to you.
It’ll be better if do it by yourself.
Please take this problem under consideration.
DS1 batch.